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PreSonus NSB 16.8 16x8 AVB-Networked Stage Box

PreSonus NSB 16.8 16x8 AVB-Networked Stage Box

PreSonus NSB 16.8 16x8 AVB-Networked Stage Box
PreSonus NSB 16.8 16x8 AVB-Networked Stage Box. 16x8 network stage box for StudioLive® Series III console mixers. 16 digitally controlled XMAX mic/line inputs with gain compensation for shared streams. Easy configuration from StudioLive Series III console mixers and UC Surface. Built-in 2-port AVB switch with locking Ethernet connections for easy point-to-point and daisy-chain network configurations. Rugged all-metal stage box enclosure.

Compatible with stage pockets from Ace Backstage. Inputs and outputs wherever you need them. The PreSonus® NSB 16.8 networked stage box lets you put analog I/O for your StudioLive® Series III digital mixer wherever you need it.

Equipped with 16 digitally controlled XMAX mic preamps, 16 balanced line-level inputs, and 8 analog outputs, the NSB 16.8 integrates seamlessly into StudioLive Series III digital mixers with a single Ethernet connection. Remote-control input trims, phantom power, and more directly from your StudioLive Series III console or from UC Surface remote mixing software on your tablet or laptop. S designed to be shared.

The NSB 16.8 networked stage box is loaded with 16 versatile locking combo jacks. Connect your microphones to the digitally controlled XMAX preamps or use the balanced ¼-inch TRS inputs to connect your line level devices? The NSB 16.8 can handle it all. The inputs can be sent to any StudioLive Series III digital mixer on the network, and thanks to gain compensation, every mixer gets individual gain control without affecting the front-of-house mix.

An NSB-series stage box can provide inputs for more than one StudioLive Series III digital mixer on an AVB network. You can send audio from the stage to the front-of-house mixer, the mixer at the monitor position, the mixer in the broadcast booth, and more, all from the same NSB 16.8 on stage. Because control of the NSB 16.8 preamps is handled remotely on a StudioLive Series III digital mixer, a single mixer must be given master control over NSB 16.8 preamp levels and phantom power. With some networked systems, every mixer on the network must share the same preamp level.

Not so with the StudioLive Series III ecosystem: NSB-series stage boxes have onboard DSP that provides gain compensation on every input, which allows every mixer on the network to make gain adjustments relative to the level set on the master mixer. In this way, every mixer can adjust the preamp level locally for optimal gain staging. Rugged stage box, flexible installation. PreSonus built the NSB 16.8 inside a rugged steel chassis with sturdy handles designed to survive the rigors of the most demanding tours.

The NSB 8.8 is also install-friendly: Just remove the handles and attach the optional rackmount kit, and your NSB 8.8 can be racked in your studio or backstage. For permanent installations, the NSB 8.8 is also compatible with stage pockets from Ace Backstage. StudioLive Series III networked products form an ecosystem that is easily expanded and quickly configured.

Designed to enhance each other, these products are at the forefront of AVB networking technology. The NSB 16.8 can be used alone or with many other NSB-series stage boxes to add remote audio to one StudioLive Series III digital mixer or to multiple mixers on the same network. For StudioLive Series III mixers that have limited onboard analog I/O, the NSB 16.8 provides a simple expansion to a full 32- or 64-channel mixing system.

Frequency Response to Main Output (at unity gain). 20-20 kHz, ±0.5 dBu. S/N Ratio to Main Output (Ref = +4 dB, 20 kHz BW, unity gain, A-wtd).

Common Mode Rejection Ratio (1 kHz at unity gain). Gain Control Range (±1 dB). 0 dB to +60 dB. Maximum Input Level (unity gain). 48 VDC, switchable per channel.

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PreSonus NSB 16.8 16x8 AVB-Networked Stage Box