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Midas DL16 16-Input/8-Output Stage Box with16 Microphone Preamps ULTRANET & ADAT

Midas DL16 16-Input/8-Output Stage Box with16 Microphone Preamps ULTRANET & ADAT
Midas DL16 16-Input/8-Output Stage Box with16 Microphone Preamps ULTRANET & ADAT
Midas DL16 16-Input/8-Output Stage Box with16 Microphone Preamps ULTRANET & ADAT
Midas DL16 16-Input/8-Output Stage Box with16 Microphone Preamps ULTRANET & ADAT

Midas DL16 16-Input/8-Output Stage Box with16 Microphone Preamps ULTRANET & ADAT

Midas DL16 16-Input/8-Output Stage Box w/16 Microphone Preamps ULTRANET & ADAT. 16 Input, 8 Output Stage Box with 16 MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers, ULTRANET and ADAT Interfaces. Digital mixing has revolutionized virtually everything in the live entertainment production workflow, and now that same cutting-edge technology brings live production signal distribution into the modern age.

If your application calls for more inputs or just wants to keep your cable runs short and tidy, putting a DL16 at the stage front and another behind the drum riser provides an additional 16 inputs for drum and guitar/bass amp mic'ing. The best part - all it takes is a single CAT5 cable per stage box. MIDAS - The Legend in Sound Quality.

Ever since our formation in the 1970s, we have had a long history of innovation and leadership in the world of audio mixing consoles. Employed by the most famous touring acts and installations worldwide, our XL4 and Heritage H3000 consoles quickly became industry standards. We have built an impeccable reputation for our no-compromise approach to audio and build quality, and in particular for our Award-winning Mic Preamps which are considered by industry experts as the industry's best-sounding designs. Building on this legacy, the DL16 features 16 of the very same preamplifiers that are used in our highly acclaimed PRO Series consoles.

The world-renowned engineers at Klark Teknik, Midas, Turbosound, and Behringer have all come together to create something truly innovative that will change live and studio workflow forever - ULTRANET. This revolutionary technology seamlessly transmits up to 16 independent channels of 24-bit digital audio and control data via a single CAT5 cable between compatible digital devices - including mixers, I/O stage boxes, powered loudspeakers, and personal monitoring systems. Advantages realized through ULTRANET digital networking, versus traditional analog methods: audio signals are impervious to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI); signal crosstalk is eliminated; and ease of setup translates directly into significant time saved during installation. ULTRANET effectuates a powerful digital ecosystem that gives you unparalleled control over every element of your audio production environment from one convenient location.

Many manufacturers have adopted the ADAT digital interface as a means of transferring digital data between certain types of audio devices, such as mixers, synthesizers, lighting rigs, and effect processors. The DL16's onboard ADAT Outputs enable splitting the high-quality Midas Pro Series preamp signals to outboard devices - including recording systems. When more channels are required, these optical sockets can alternately be used to connect ADAT-equipped D/A converters (such as the Behringer ADA8200) for up to 16 additional analog outputs. Dual AES50 Ports for Massive Connectivity.

Connecting over a single shielded (STP) CAT5 cable, up to three DL16s can be daisy-chained to deliver 48 channels in and 24 out to the stage. Klark Teknik's AES50 simultaneously provides high channel counts, extremely low and deterministic latencies, accurate phase-aligned networked clock distribution, error detection, and network redundancy, with simple deployment and ease of use to meet the needs of the live performance industry. This unique combination also benefits both live and studio recording applications, as well as post-production, broadcasting, and audio routing infrastructure. Single cable duplex interconnection for audio and sample clocks. Ethernet physical layer audio data transmission.

High channel count and ultra-low deterministic latency (2x3 samples = 1? Comprehensive error detection and management. Provision for redundant networking - Minimal configuration - total ease of deployment and use - Ethernet TCP/IP protocol-compatible auxiliary data channel.

Royalty-free implementations available as Xilinx FPGA cores. OEM modules available from developer partners. Remotely Controllable Preamps Make Setup a Breeze.

DL16's ingenious monitoring/head amp control section allows you to select any of the 16 inputs, 8 bus outputs, or P-16 output streams for immediate line checks. In addition to signal metering at the stage box, you can also set individual input channel Gain, apply +48 V phantom power - and listen directly to the input signal via headphones, and much more. Once set, all configuration settings can be locked at the console for total system security. Assignable Headphones Output for On-Stage Monitoring.

For easy setup and signal routing verification, a headphone jack is conveniently located on the front of the DL16, giving you the option of listening directly to any of the 16 inputs. Simply select the signal you need to monitor by scrolling through the 16 channels whilst adjusting the gain and selecting the operating mode - all via a single robust rotary control. Using scene automation has never been simpler or more convenient. The automation scenes allow MIDI events to be incorporated so that external MIDI-compatible devices can be controlled as part of a scene change via your console's MIDI output.

Additionally, console events can be triggered from an external MIDI source via your console's MIDI input. You can also control the gain and phantom power settings remotely using the MIDI communication functionality.

As you can see, the DL16 digital stage box is the ideal 16 x 8 signal distribution solution thanks to our legendary remote-controllable mic preamps, Klark Teknik's AES50 connectivity, and a wealth of other professional-grade features. Built tough enough to withstand the rigors of the road, the DL16 only takes up two rack spaces and connects to FOH with a single, inexpensive CAT5 cable. 16 award-winning Midas PRO microphone preamplifiers with switchable 48 V phantom power. 8 electronically balanced low impedance line level outputs.

ULTRANET personal monitoring system connectivity for in-ear applications. Digital audio and control connectivity for Turbosound speaker systems with ULTRANET networking capability. Dual AES50 SuperMAC ports for cascading additional DL16 stage-boxes-no merger or router required. Dual ADAT outputs providing 16-channel digital output on two optical TOSLINK connectors. Remote operation via shielded CAT5e cable up to 330 ft / 100 m length.

All settings programmable from front panel controls or console. Status indicator LEDs on the front panel.

Headphones output is assignable to any of the inputs or outputs for on-stage monitoring. MIDI In/Out for bidirectional communication between Midas M32 Series console and on-stage MIDI devices. Features Neutrik etherCON AES50 and ULTRANET network ports. Rugged 2U rackmount chassis for durability in portable applications. Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply. We are authorized dealers for all these brands. We operate a 30-day return period. A 10% re-stock is more likely if the unit comes back in mint condition.

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Midas DL16 16-Input/8-Output Stage Box with16 Microphone Preamps ULTRANET & ADAT