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MAXD-OUT Ford Fiesta Mk8 1.0l EcoBoost Stage 1 Flash Tuning Box 155-160bhp

MAXD-OUT Ford Fiesta Mk8 1.0l EcoBoost Stage 1 Flash Tuning Box 155-160bhp

MAXD-OUT Ford Fiesta Mk8 1.0l EcoBoost Stage 1 Flash Tuning Box 155-160bhp

Simply the Best Ford Plug and Play Flash Tuning Software. Tune your Mk8 Fiesta 1.0l EcoBoost anywhere in the world. Can be applied to all 100ps, 125ps and 140ps models.

Up to 160 bhp capable on super-unleaded 99 octane fuel. Simple Plug and Play custom tuning procedure. Uses any Windows based laptop from XP to 10. The MAXD-OUT tuning device allows you total control of your vehicles engine calibration with the use of any Windows based laptop. This Pumaspeed MAXD-OUT Stage 1 Tuning Box is designed to run with the stock catalytic converter.

It will run on a totally stock vehicle or run with additional hardware such as the R-sport intercooler, cat back exhaust and R-sport air filter kit etc to produce up to 160bhp, yes thats 160bhp on a stock catalyst! We recommend the use of only 97-99 octane fuel where possible. There are very few remaps on the market today that have the sort of performance MAXD-OUT offers whilst maintaining.

Ford OE built in safety features. For instance the stock boost level is only lifted marginally to maintain absolute reliability and safety.

Testing has shown the MAXD-OUT calibrations to be one of the safest custom tuning solutions available on the market, part of the reason they are so popular all over the world. These staged maps will suit any European spec Fiesta Mk8 1.0l EcoBoost (Europe, Australia and Asia markets), it will work to deliver a very safe and reliable power and torque increase, whilst maintaining good fuel economy. More Tunes Available from MAXD-OUT. Stage 1 155-160bhp available with minimal or no hardware modifications.

Smooth, progressive low boost factory like calibration, a perfect addition giving extra drivability and economy. Stage 2 175-180bhp low boost calibration with some minor stage 2 bolt on modifications such as uprated intercooler, air filter and full exhaust system. A very well-mannered drive with an incredible initial hit of torque and a smooth progressive lift in power. Stage 3 Up to 205bhp available with the X26 hybrid turbo when combined with all the usual bolt on modifications, beautifully safe mapping available with total reliability day to day and perfect low rev manners.

Stock MAXD-OUT have a database of stock original equipment files, these are available on request. Crackle Available for stage 2 mapping and above for a small charge to bring pops and bangs to your fantastic MAXD-OUT mapping! Cat Safe Crackle Available for all mapping including stage 1 for a small charge adding an enhanced overrun burble safe for stock and sports cats. Can I return my car to stock at any time?

That is the beauty of the MAXD-OUT tuning box, you take a stock read of your car which allows you to return to stock as and when you wish. What if my car is already mapped? Your ECU will be read and treated by the software as a stock file and the MAXD-OUT mapping will overwrite any previous mapping as normal. What do I receive with my map? You will receive a USB stick containing the all-important instructions and MAXD-OUT windows software, an OBD port plug in device and a USB lead, along with a Pumaspeed gel badge!

Is the software an easy DIY install? The software is a piece of cake to use if you follow the very simple instructions carefully and will run on any laptop running Windows from XP to 10. The instructions are available to download here.

Can I upgrade to a different map later? Can you write me a custom map to my specification? The calibration specialists at MAXD-OUT can tailor mapping to suit not only your car but your driving style also, in the majority of cases we will already have a map suitable, however we are always able to write a one-off calibration. Can I use the device on more than one vehicle? No, the MAXD-OUT tuning device once used locks itself to your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and cant be used on any other vehicle. Can I use different fuels?

We have mapping available specifically for 95, 99 and 102 RON fuels, using the incorrect fuel to mapping combination can be detrimental to your car. Do we think its the best?

We have over 20 years experience in the fast Ford game and through our own testing along with customer reviews we have been proven time and time again to produce incredible class leading power and performance whilst maintaining reliability, safety and fuel economy. Any questions about Fiesta 1.0l EcoBoost tuning, call the experts at Pumaspeed on 01924 360260 for advice or to discuss your future modifications.

Also find and follow us on Facebook! Please Note: The remap calibration files are not initially included on the USB stick, please open and follow the ReadMe guide included on the USB stick to receive your unique remap files. As each car is different and the stock calibration differs by year, country etc, it is impossible to write a single file that works for all cars, we therefore require you to send us a read of your stock ECU to base our tuned calibration file around. If you do change your mind and don't want to experience the epic MAXD-OUT mapping we ask that you return the flash tuning box in a resellable condition before locking it to your vehicle. The item "MAXD-OUT Ford Fiesta Mk8 1.0l EcoBoost Stage 1 Flash Tuning Box 155-160bhp" is in sale since Tuesday, January 29, 2019.

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  • Brand: MAXD-OUT
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MO1.0ECO-STG1

MAXD-OUT Ford Fiesta Mk8 1.0l EcoBoost Stage 1 Flash Tuning Box 155-160bhp