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Jovie Goat baby formula Stage 3 (800g)

Jovie Goat baby formula Stage 3 (800g)
Jovie Goat baby formula Stage 3 (800g)
Jovie Goat baby formula Stage 3 (800g)
Jovie Goat baby formula Stage 3 (800g)

Jovie Goat baby formula Stage 3 (800g)
This baby formula is not expired - the expiration date is. YIELD: Approximately 196oz of Formula. Jovie Goat Milk Formula stage 3 is the follow-up formula from Jovie Stage 2. And an excellent choice for toddlers 12 months plus. Once your baby has transitioned to the toddler years, many parents choose to continue using formula for their growing toddler's needs. This product comes in a reinforced can with 800g / 28 oz of organic formula powder. Many parents ask, why continue using formula. For sensitive babies, goat's milk formula. Is an excellent choice as finding whole organic goat's milk at your local grocery store may be challenging. Continuing to use toddler formula means the proper and essential nutrients your rapidly growing toddler needs are being met. Many toddlers are picky eaters, whether by choice or for sensitivity reasons, parents are quickly concerned their toddler will receive the vitamins and minerals necessary for development. Take the stress out of these times, and provide your child with the recommended amount of toddler formula so you can rest assured they are healthy. If you have never tried goat milk formula on your baby, you may be interested in how he/she would react to goat milk formula as a toddler.

Found in the composition of goat's milk makes this formula a great option for sensitive tummies. Parents experience eczema and skin rashes diminishing due to the goat milk formula. Plus, gastrointestinal needs are typically improved with better gas passing and bowel movements.

European farming standards are the highest of quality, meaning their animals are well-taken care of with all the free range lush pastures needed to maintain a healthy diet. This healthy goat's milk is passed onto your child, without all the steroids and hormones found in milks from unhealthy animals. Choosing an organic goat milk formula for your child means you have done plenty of research into what your child needs most. Jovie has done the research as well, ensuring their organic goat milk formula will produce happy, healthy toddlers and smiling moms and dads.

Certified organic by EU standards. Perfect toddler formula for 1 year plus. No Palm or Coconut Oil. Essential nutrients and vitamins for growing toddlers. Main carbohydrate is Whole Organic Goat Milk. Added GOS (probiotics) for bowel health. Label in English for easy understanding.

800g / 28oz of formula powder. ORGANIC whole goat milk powder; ORGANIC lactose (milk); ORGANIC galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) (milk); ORGANIC vegetable oils (ORGANIC sunflower oil, ORGANIC rapeseed oil); docosahexaenoic acid rich oil (DHA) (fish); MINERALS (calcium carbonate, sodium citrate, magnesium chloride, ferrous lactate, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, manganese sulphate, potassium iodide, sodium selenite); VITAMINS (ascorbic acid, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, cholecalciferol, retinol acetate, niacinamide, calcium-d-pantothenate, thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, riboflavin, phytomenadione, biotin, cobalamin). Preparation for all powdered formulas (also consistent with US FDA guidelines). Bring water to be used up to a rolling boil.

Pour water into sterilized bottle and then cool to between 104 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit in the refrigerator. Pour 3/4 of the water into another sterilized bottle and add formula according to the above chart. For proper measurement and the health of your baby, use the spoon included with the formula. Each spoon should be filled flat and not heaping.

Close the bottle tightly and shake the powder until it is completely dissolved. Add the remaining boiled water from the second bottle until the bottle is full to the recommended level (see chart). Cool the freshly made formula until it is the right temperature, usually around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent burns, test the formula on your forearm to make sure that it is not too hot. Expiration date is indicated on each box and sealed bag. Keep away from heat and humidity. Discard mixed unconsumed formula after 1 hour. Once formula bag is open, use within the next 3 weeks. If formula unopened / sealed, use before expiration date. Formula is best when stored in stainless steel or glass containers.

Always prepare fresh food for your baby. To avoid the danger of overheating, do not heat your baby's milk in the microwave. Once the inner foil bag containing your formula has been opened, use it within 2-3 weeks. Do not store in areas with high humidity or heat.

Please consume the formula within one hour of its preparation. Any unused prepare formula should be discarded within one hour. Please do not microwave bottles or formula. We do not offer signature confirmation. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Packages. If you received damaged products, please provide a photo of the product you have received for our identification purposes. We are very sorry if a mistake was made in processing your order. Please allow 72 hours for the credit to appear on your statement. If your product is damaged, please include a photo of the damage so we can verify. At this time, we do not accept exchanges. This item is in the category "Baby\Feeding\Bottle Feeding\Formula".

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  • Expiration Date: 12/18/2024
  • Brand: Jovie
  • Special Formula: Infant Formula
  • Model: Jovie 3
  • Weight Per Container: 800g
  • Formula Type: Powder
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Germany
  • Base: Goat Milk
  • Age: 10 Months and Up
  • Dietary Requirements: Starch fee, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Maltodextrin Free, Organic

Jovie Goat baby formula Stage 3 (800g)